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International Workshop on Laser-induced Breakdown Spectroscopy : proceedings.

Rapid composition monitoring of raw li-ion battery electrode materials using the J200 LIBS instrument.

Brunnbauer Lukas and Gonzalez Jhanis and Limbeck Andreas: Matrix effects in quantitative polymer analysis : a comparison of ns and fs laser systems.

Buday Jakub and Prochazka David and Pořízka Pavel and Kaiser Jozef: Computation of blast wave energy in LIBS using shadowgraphy.

Bélteki Ádám and Biros Tíria and Palásti Dávid Jenő and Villy Lajos P. and Leits Bálint and Kéri Albert and Kohut Attila and Kovács-Széles Éva and Ajtai Tibor and Geretovszky Zsolt and Galbács Gábor: On-line and off-line LIBS detection of nanoaerosols generated by electrical discharges.

Chikán Viktor and Sárosi Krisztina and Mogyorósi Károly: Characterization of the CN(B) and CH(A) radical formation in plasma generated by femtosecond laser pulses via step-scan FT-UV-VIS spectroscopy.

Endre Gábor and Hegedüs Zsófia and Varga Mónika and Vágvölgyi Csaba and Szekeres András: Separation of aflatoxins with centrifugal partition chromatography.

Favre Aurélien and Lesage Morgan and Morel Vincent and Bultel Arnaud and Boubert Pascal: MERLIN, an RT-LTE software supporting the diagnostic application of LIBS to H-isotopemeasurements.

Gardette Vincent and Salaikova Zita and Vaníčková Elena and Dell'Aglio Marcella and De Giacomo Alessandro: Nanoparticle enhanced laser induced breakdown spectroscopy : fundamentals and perspectives.

Gonzalez Jhanis and Bol’Shakov Alexander and Mao Xianglei and Zorba Vassilia and Russo Richard E.: Laser ablation molecular isotopic spectrometry (LAMIS) - overview.

Gornushkin Igor B. and Sennikov P. G.: Laser induced gas breakdown in reactive mixtures containing halides of boron and silicon : diagnostics and modeling.

Holomb Roman and Kondrat Oleksandr and Mitsa Volodimir and Mitsa Alexander and Tsud Nataliya and Vondráček Martin and Veltruská Katerina and Matolín Vladimir and Prince Kevin C. and Veres Miklós: Reversible laser-assisted structural modification and laser-driven mass transport at the surface of chalcogenide nanolayers.

Holub Daniel and Pořízka Pavel and Ota Samek and Kaiser Jozef: Classification of plastics using LIBS and Raman spectroscopy data fusion.

Janovszky Patrick and Jancsek Krisztián and Palásti Dávid J. and Kopniczky Judit and Hopp Béla and M. Tóth Tivadar and Galbács Gábor: Identification and Be, Li content assessment of minerals in granitoid rock samples by LIBS.

Janovszky Patrick and Střítežská Sára and Modlitbová Pavlína and Pořízka Pavel and Kaiser Jozef and Galbács Gábor: Investigation of size and exposure time dependent bioaccumulation of silver nanoparticles in plants by LIBS.

Labutin Timur A. and Popov Andrey M.: Non-analytical applications of laser-induced breakdown spectrometry.

Limbeck Andreas and Pagnin Laura and Wiesinger Rita and Schreiner Manfred and Brunnbauer Lukas: Assessment of polymer degradation by the combined use of LIBS and LA-ICP-MS.

Motto-Ros Vincent and Busser Benoit and Leprince Marine and Bonneterre Vincent and Sancey Lucie: Elemental imaging with laser spectroscopy is entering the clinic as a new diagnostic tool.

Nagy Eszter and Homik Zsolt and Smausz Tamás and Kopniczky Judit and Ambrus Rita and Szabó-Révész Piroska and Hopp Béla: Laser ablation of meloxicam in liquid environment.

Palleschi Vincenzo: About the use of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy for the determination of fundamental spectroscopic parameters.

Palásti Dávid J. and Veres Miklós and Füle Miklós and Galbács Gábor: Optical and numerical modeling of a spatial heterodyne laser-induced breakdown spectrometer.

Palásti Dávid Jenő and Janovszky Patrick and Bélteki Ádám and Kovács-Széles Éva and Óvári Mihály and Tóbi Csaba and Varga Zsolt and Berlizov Andrey and Galbács Gábor: Analysis of uranium-bearing materials by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy.

Palásti Dávid Jenő and Metzinger Anikó and Kopniczky Judit and Hopp Béla and Galbács Gábor: LIBS-based approaches for the classification of glass microfragment samples.

Petrović Jelena and Radenković Marina and Momčilović Miloš and Ognjanović Miloš and Živković Sanja: Enhancement of the TEA CO2 LIBS emission using Ag and Ag/Zn nanostructures.

Pořízka Pavel and Modlitbová Pavlína and Střítežská Sára and Šindelářová Anna and Kaiser Jozef: Recent advances in the imaging of biological tissues at the Brno University of Technology.

Rigó István and Veres Miklós and Váczi Tamás and Zolnai Zsolt and Öcsi Rebeka and Fürjes Péter: Effect of surface roughness on SERS enhancement of patterned gold substrates.

Smausz Tamás and Nagy Eszter and Gera Tamás and Homik Zsolt and Kopniczky Judit and Ajtai Tibor and Ambrus Rita and Szabó-Révész Piroska and Ehrhardt Martin and Zimmer Klaus and Lorenz Pierre and Hopp Béla: Study of the fragmentation of solid drug particles during ablation with different pulse length lasers.

Střítežská Sára and Modlitbová Pavlína and Pořízka Pavel and Kaiser Jozef: Toxicity assessment of photon-upconversion nanoparticles and their bioimaging by usinglaser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in Brassica oleracea L. plant.

Sushkov Nikolai and Labutin Timur A. and Lobus Nikolai and Galbács Gábor: Exploratory analysis of zooplankton spectra using matrix decomposition techniques.

Veis Pavel and Dwivedi Vishal and Roldán Alicia Marín and Singh Maurya Gulab and Atikukke Sahithya and Veis Matej and Pisarčík Matej and Držík Milan: Why is LIBS the future online analytical technique for plasma-facing materials of thermonuclear reactors?

Villy Lajos P. and Palásti Dávid J. and Skoda Gábor and Kohut Attila and Geretovszky Zsolt and Kovács-Széles Éva and Galbács Gábor: Signal enhancement of gaseous samples in the presence of nanoaerosols generated by a spark discharge.

Šindelářová Anna and Modlitbová Pavlína and Pořízka Pavel and Vrlíková Lucie and Buchtová Marcela and Kaiser Jozef: Implementation of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy elemental imaging into the histopathological analysis of soft tissues.

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