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Abu Ghazal Tasneem Sultan: Antimicrobial potential of extracts and essential oils from different varieties of marjoram.

Ahmed Sara Hassan Hassan: Isolation and synthesis of 6-gingerol and 6-gingerdione derivatives.

Akel Hussein and Ismail Ruba and Katona Gábor and Csóka Ildikó: Lipid-based nanosystems for the nose-to-brain delivery of biological drug, insulin.

Arany Petra and Papp Ildikó and Zichar Marianna and Budai István and Béres Mónika and Regdon Géza and Kovács Renátó and Coleman Anthony W. and Perret Florent and Mollet Laurent and Zelkó Romána and Kazsoki Adrienn and Elek János and Csontos Máté and Vecsernyés Miklós and Bácskay Ildikó: 3D nyomtatóval előállított implantátumok anyagszerkezeti és biokompatibilitási vizsgálatai.


Bajtel Ákos: Cannabinoids : an interesting and promising, but challenging field.

Barrios-Esteban Sheila and Reimondez-Troitiño Sonia and Rahman Ruman and Alexander Cameron and Garcia-Fuentes Marcos and Csaba Noémi: Protamine-based nanoparticles : an attractive gene delivery system for 2D and 3D glioblastoma models.

Barta Anita: Isolation and structure determination of compounds from Juncus articulatus.

Benke Edit and Winter Christina and Szabó-Révész Piroska and Roblegg Éva and Ambrus Rita: Effect of solvent compositions on habits and in vitro aerodynamic results of spray-dried pulmonary formulations.

Benkő Ernő and German-Ilič Ilija and Regdon Géza and Csóka Ildikó and Pintye-Hódi Klára and Srčič Stane and Sovány Tamás: Investigation of drug-matrix interaction in directly compressed matrices.


Chinonso Egu John and Moldován Krisztián and Herman Petra and Fábián István and Fenyvesi Ferenc and Kalmár József: Cisplatin loaded hybrid aerogel microparticles for cervical and colorectal cancer chemotherapy.

Crișan Andrea-Gabriela and Iurian Sonia and Bogdan Cătălina and Rus Lucia and Porfire Alina and Porav Sebastian and Ilyés Kinga and Tomuță Ioan: Personalized fused deposition modeling 3D printed (FDM-3DP) tablets : a quality by design (QbD) approach.

Cseh Martin and Geretovszky Zsolt and Veréb Zoltán and Bari Ferenc: The 3D Printing Center of the University of Szeged : opportunities and challenges.


Djuranović Marija and Ibrić Svetlana: Application of deep learning tools in prediction of printability of 3D printed tablets.

Dragar Črt and Potrč Tanja and Nemec Sebastjan and Roškar Robert and Pajk Stane and Kralj Slavko and Gašperlin Mirjana and Kocbek Petra: Development of magnetic nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery.

Dávid Zsuzsanna Csilla: Phytochemical investigation of Carex praecox.

D’Angelo Davide and Buttini Francesca and Sonvico Fabio: Inhalable cyclosporine powder for immunosuppressive treatment.


Falkenstein Laura and Breitkreutz Joerg and Kleinebudde Peter: Deposition studies on a systematically modified paediatric throat geometry.

Falusi Fanni and Kovács Anita and Csányi Erzsébet: Investigation of foams for topical use.

Farkas Balázs and Marosi György and Nagy Zsombor Kristóf: Egyenáramú és váltóáramú elektrosztatikus szálképzési eljárások gyógyszertechnológiai alkalmazása.


Gajdács Márió: Non-antibiotic pharmaceutical agents as antibiotic adjuvants. In: Acta biologica Szegediensis, (64) 1. pp. 17-24. (2020)

Garcia-Mazas Carla and García Fuentes Marcos and Csaba Noémi: New polymeric nanocomplexes against glioblastoma initiating cells.

Ghiulai Roxana and Mioc Marius and Nistor Gabriela and Racoviceanu Roxana and Șoica Codruța: Design and synthesis of betulinic acid gold nano-particles with enhanced pharmaceutical properties.

Girst Gábor: Study on peroxynitrite-induced oxidation of hydrocurcumins.

Grancharova Tsenka and Simeonova Stanislava and Pilicheva Bissera and Zagorchev Plamen: Synergistic effect of magnetic nanoparticles and chemotherapeutic drugs in cancer.


Haimhoffer Ádám and Vasvári Gábor and Trencsényi György and Béreshova Mónika and Kiss Attila and Deák Ádám and Vecsernyés Miklós and Bácskay Ildikó and Váradi Judit and Fenyvesi Ferenc: Nyújtott hatóanyag-leadású gasztroretentív gyógyszerforma előállítása folyamatos gyártással.

Hammadi Reham: Isolation and structure determination of pregnane glycosides and lignans from an African species.

Hassan Alharith A. A.: Printing of peptide-loaded hybrid nanoparticles for oral delivery.

Horváth Lívia: Valós idejű spektroszkópiai mérések és kemometriai módszerek alkalmazása gyógyszerkioldódás predikciójára.

Horváth-Boros Klára: Phytochemical analysis of three food plants.

Háznagy Márton: Preparation and investigation of ecdysteroid - cinnamic acid hybrid compounds.


Ibrahim Yousif H-E. Y. and Kristó Katalin and Regdon Géza and Sovány Tamás: Development and optimization of the coating processes of lysozyme loaded pellets for oral delivery.

Ismail Ruba and Csóka Ildikó: What are the regulatory aspects surrounding nanopharmaceuticals development?


Kanti S. P. Yamini and Csóka Ildikó and Jójárt-Laczkovich Orsolya and Adalbert Livia: Analysis of the regulations for medical devices in Europe and future perspectives.

Katona Gábor and Szabóné Révész Piroska and Balogh György Tibor and Budai-Szűcs Mária and Csóka Ildikó: In situ gélesedő meloxikám-humán szérum albumin nanorészecske formuláció fejlesztése nose-to-brain bevitel céljából.

Kerekes Diána: Phytochemical and pharmacological study of furocoumarins in Citrus trifoliata L.

Kis Nikolett and Berkó Szilvia and Csányi Erzsébet: Investigation of dermal semisolid in situ film-forming systems containing lidocaine hydrochloride with QbD approach.

Kiss Eszter L. and Budai-Szűcs Mária and Csányi Erzsébet: Mucoadhesive nanostructured lipid carriers for ophthalmic use.

Kiss Tamás and Katona Gábor and Ambrus Rita: Modifying the release of an antiparkinsonian drug by using mesoporous carrier.

Koncz Dorottya: Reports of illegal food supplements for weight loss in the European Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed (RASFF).

Kondoros Balázs Attila and Aigner Zoltán: Evaluation of fenofibrate-cyclodextrin complexes prepared by co-grinding method.

Kovács Balázs: Cytotoxic and antiproliferative activity of sesquiterpene lactones isolated from the aerial parts of Ambrosia artemisiifolia.


Labancz Andrea: Az innovatív gyógyszerek szabadalmának gazdaságra gyakorolt hatása. In: Acta Universitatis Szegediensis : forum : publicationes discipulorum iurisprudentiae, (1). pp. 271-303. (2018)

Laczkó Dávid: Semi-synthetic preparation and investigation of new, potentially bioactive ecdysteroid derivatives.


Manteghi Reihaneh and Kristó Katalin and Szakonyi Gerda and Csóka Ildikó: PEGylation and formulation strategies of antimicrobial peptides and proteins development.

Manteghi Reihaneh and Kristó Katalin and Szakonyi Gerda and Csóka Ildikó: Strategies for development of antimicrobial peptides and proteins.

Milanović Ana and Cvijić Sandra: Paediatric PBPK modelling : prediction of drug exposure following oral dosing of different paracetamol formulations in fasted and fed states.

Mioc Marius and Ghiulai Roxana and Nistor Gabriela and Racoviceanu Roxana and Șoica Codruța: Structural design of triterpenic acid 1,2,4-triazole linked gold nanoparticle bioconjugates, as potential treatment for malignant melanoma.

Mukhtar Mahwash and Ambrus Rita: Spray dried hyaluronic acid nanoplexes conjugated with chitosan and its derivatives for the pulmonary administration as dry powder inhalers for tuberculosis.

Mutavski Zorana and Vidović Senka: Potential of vinegar as extraction solvent : can we use it for herbal preparation?


Nguyen Khan Viet and Laidmäe Ivo and Kogermann Karin and Meos Andres and Ho Duc Viet and Raal Ain and Nguyen Hoai Thi and Heinämäki Jyrki: Electrospun amphiphilic nanofibers for stigmasterol-loaded delivery systems.

Nistor Gabriela and Mioc Marius and Ghiulai Roxana and Racoviceanu Roxana and Șoica Codruța: Synthesis of betulinic acid 1,2,4-triazole derivatives suitable for cyclodextrin inclusion complex formulation.

Németh Zsófia and Dobó Dorina Gabriella and Pallagi Edina and Csóka Ildikó: Quality-focused formulation - QbD-based liposome design and development.


Opoka Włodzimierz and Szlósarczyk Marek and Chojnacki Adam and Kryczyk-Poprawa Agata and Talik Przemysław and Gál József and Muszyńska Bożena and Baś Bogusław: Semiautomatic and fully functional electrochemical microanalyzer BO-05 suitable for scientific, didactic, and analytical applications : the use in the potentiometric analysis of drugs. In: Review of faculty of engineering : analecta technica Szegedinensia, (15) 1. pp. 64-72. (2021)

Orinamhe Godwin Agbadua: Studies on oxidized resveratrol metabolite mixtures.


Pamlényi Krisztián and Kristó Katalin and Jójárt-Laczkovich Orsolya and Regdon Géza: Preparation and investigation of permeability and physical-chemical properties of buccal films with sodium alginate.

Pamlényi Krisztián and Kristó Katalin and Regdon Géza: Nátrium-alginát, mint bukkális mukoadhezív gyógyszerhordozórendszer.

Party Petra and Ambrus Rita: Preparation and characterization of carrier-free dry powder inhalers containing nanosized active ingredient.

Pohl Sebastian and Kleinebudde Peter: Transfer of twin-screw granulation process using a shear stress description of screw configuration.

Põhako Kaisa and Kogermann Karin and Tenson Tanel and Kingo Külli: Towards understanding the safety and biocompatibility of electrospun fibers.


Ranjous Yasmin and Kósa Dóra and Ujhelyi Zoltán and Nagy Krisztina Anita and Kónya Zoltán and Bácskay Ildikó and Regdon Géza and Sovány Tamás: The use of functionalized titanate nanotubes as drug delivery systems.

Ranjous Yasmin and Kósa Dóra and Ujhelyi Zoltán and Regdon Géza and Nagy Krisztina Anita and Kónya Zoltán and Bácskay Ildikó and Sovány Tamás: Optimization of the functionalization method of titanate nanotubes in order to use them as drug delivery systems.

Robla Sandra and Ageitos Jose Manuel and Varela Calviño Rubén and Tovar Sulay and Csaba Noémi: Bioinspired pollen microcapsules to overcome mucosal barriers.


Sabir Fakhara and Katona Gábor and Ismail Ruba and Csóka Ildikó: Nose to brain delivery of n-propylgallte loaded lipid nanoparticles for targeting glioblastoma multiforme via QbD approach.

Saidu Muhammad Bello: Isolation and anti-HSV2 studies of compounds from Euphorbia deightonii.

Simeonova Stanislava and Grancharova Tsenka and Zagorchev Plamen and Pilicheva Bissera: Near-infrared light-responsive magnetic nanoparticles - preparation and application in photothermal therapy.

Simić Siniša and Vladić Jelena: Overview : supercritical carbon dioxide versus subcritical water extraction of bioactive compounds from herbal material.

Sipos Bence and Csóka Ildikó and Katona Gábor: Dexametazon-tartalmú polimer micellák fejlesztése és vizsgálatai "nose-tobrain" beviteli céllal Quality by Design alapon.

Sipos Bence and Katona Gábor and Csóka Ildikó: Nose-to-brain applicability of Meloxicam-loaded Soluplus polymeric micelles.

Sirbubalo Merima and Tucak Amina and Vranić Edina: Additive manufacturing of PLA microneedles for transdermal drug delivery.

Stefkó Dóra: Ensifolins A-M, new phenanthrenes from Juncus ensifolius.

Suciu Stefana and Iurian Sonia and Ambrus Rita and Bogdan Cătălina and Tomuță Ioan: Milk oral lyophilisates with loratadine : screening for new excipients for paediatric use.


Tacsi Kornélia and Nagy Zsombor Kristóf and Marosi György and Pataki Hajnalka: Folyamatos kristályosítási technológiák fejlesztése egy flow szintézissel előállított reakcióelegy direct feldolgozásához.

Tefas Lucia Ruxandra and Bogdan Cătălina and Porfire Alina and Digkas Tryfon and De Beer Thomas and Tomuță Ioan: Development of liposomal drug delivery system as a strategy for improving bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy, by design of experiments : a case study.

Tiirik Kairi and Preem Liis and Sagor Kadi and Putrinš Marta and Tenson Tanel and Kogermann Karin: In vitro and ex vivo models for assessing the antibiofilm properties of wound dressings.

Tucak Amina and Sirbubalo Merima and Vranić Edina and Zimmer Andreas: Solid lipid nanoparticles as drug delivery systems for MicroRNA.

Turković Erna and Parojčić Jelena: Application of artificial neural network analysis in understanding critical material properties governing orodispersible film disintegration.


Ugo Ogadah Chiazor and Šklubalová Zdeñka and Vraníková Barbora: Biorelevant dissolution testing of matrix systems based on combination of mucoadhesive polymers.

Uhljar Luca Éva and Kan Sheng Yuan and Radacsi Norbert and Ambrus Rita: Preformulation studies of ciprofloxacin loaded PVP nanofibers.


Varga Patrícia and Ambrus Rita and Bartos Csilla: Development of spray-dried meloxicam-containing microcomposites using biocompatible matrix.

Vigneshwari Aruna and Erdenebileg Saruul and Fujkin Kata and Csupor Dezső and Hohmann Judit and Papp Tamás and Vágvölgyi Csaba and Szekeres András: Revealing of biodiversity and antimicrobial effects of Artemisia asiatica endophytes. In: Acta biologica Szegediensis, (64) 2. pp. 111-119. (2020)

Vitek Mercedes and Gosenca Matjaž Mirjam and Gašperlin Mirjana and Roškar Robert and Zvonar Pobirk Alenka: Antioxidant efficacy of vitamins loaded lipid based delivery systems with different microstructure for dermal application.

Vörös-Horváth Barbara and Széchenyi Aleksandar: Vírusfertőzés megelőzésére alkalmas nazális hidrogél fejlesztése és vizsgálata.


Yazdani Morteza: Isolation and characterization of chemical constituents from Hemipholiota populnea and their bioactivities.


Zahariev Nikolay and Pilicheva Bissera: Application of 32 experimental design in the preparation of casein nanoparticles as potential drug carriers.

Zidar Anže and Kristl Julijana: Challenges in nanofiber testing in vitro.

Zsikó Stella and Csányi Erzsébet and Berkó Szilvia: New perspectives of skin penetration testing methods.

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