Electronic journal of qualitative theory of differential equations : proceedings of the colloquium on the qualitative theory of differential equations

Number of items: 30.

Atkinson Frederick Valentine and Elbert Árpád: An extension of Milloux's theorem to half-linear differential equations. (2000)

Bognár Gabriella: Finite element approximation of the first eigenvalue of a nonlinear problem for some special domains. (2000)

Burton Theodore Allen and Furumochi Tetsuo: Periodic and asymptotically periodic solutions of neutral integral equations. (2000)

Cecchi Mariella and Došlá Zuzana and Marini Mauro: Disconjugate operators and related differential equations. (2000)

Danciu Daniela and Răsvan Vladimir: On Popov-type stability criteria for neural networks. (2000)

Domoshnitsky Alexander and Goltser Yakov: Hopf bifurcation of integro-differential equations. (2000)

Došlý Ondřej: Principal or nonprincipal solutions of sympletic dynamic systems on time scales. (2000)

Dragan Vasile and Ionita Achim: Exponential stability for singularly perturbed systems with state delays. (2000)

Dragan Vasile and Morozan Toader: Exponential stability for a class of singularly perturbed Ito differential equations. (2000)

Fečkan Michal: Transversal homoclinics in nonlinear systems of ordinary differential equations. (2000)

Graef John R. and Karsai János: On the oscillation of impulsively damped halflinear oscillators. (2000)

Hatvani Lajos: Stability properties of solutions of linear second order differential equations. (2000)

Hegedűs Jenő: On the radially symmetric solutions of a BVP for a class of nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations. (2000)

Hino Yoshiyuki and Murakami Satoru: Total stability in abstract functional differential equations with infinite delay. (2000)

Krisztin Tibor: Periodic orbits and the global attractor for delayed monotone negative feedback. (2000)

Makay Géza: On some possible extensions of Massera's theorem. (2000)

Marić Vojislav: Regularity, nonoscillation and asymptotic behaviour of solutions of second order linear equations. (2000)

Mařík Robert: Hartman-Wintner type theorem for PDE with p-Laplacian. (2000)

Medvedeva N. and Batcheva E.: The second term of the asymptotics of the monodromy map in case of two even edges of Newton diagram. (2000)

Murakami Satoru and Naito Toshiki and Minh Nguyen Van: Spectral analysis of an operator associated with linear functional differential equations and its applications. (2000)

Polacik Peter and Yanagida E.: Stable subharmonic solutions and asymptotic behavior in reaction-diffusion equations. (2000)

Péics Hajnalka: Representation of solutions of difference equations with continuous time. (2000)

Rehák Pavel: Half-linear discrete oscillation theory. (2000)

Rontó András: A note on the periods of periodic solutions of some autonomous functional differential equations. (2000)

Schwabik Stefan: The abstract renewal equation. (2000)

Srzednicki Roman: On geometric detection Of periodic solutions and chaotic dynamics. (2000)

Stanek Svatoslav: Boundary value problems for systems of second-order functional differential equations. (2000)

Tkachenko Victor I.: On reducibility of linear quasiperiodic systems with bounded solutions. (2000)

Zhang Bo: Construction of Liapunov functionals for linear volterra integrodifferential equations and stability of delay systems. (2000)

Čermák Jan: Asymptotic behavior of solutions of some differential equations with an unbounded delay. (2000)

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