Electronic journal of qualitative theory of differential equations : proceedings of the colloquium on the qualitative theory of differential equations

Number of items: 22.

Appleby John A. D.: Almost sure subexponential decay rates of scalar Ito-Volterra equations. (2004)

Appleby John A. D. and Mackey Dana: Polynomial asymptotic stability of damped stochastic differential equations. (2004)

Appleby John A. D. and Reynolds David W.: On the non-exponential decay to equilibrum of solutions of nonlinear scalar Volterra integro-differential equations. (2004)

Bognár Gabriella: Isoperimetric inequalities for some nonlinear eigenvalue problems. (2004)

Buşe Constantin: A characterization of exponential stability for periodic evolution families in terms of lower semicontinuous functionals. (2004)

Došlý Ondřej: Oscillation and spectral properties of self-adjoint even order differential operators with middle terms. (2004)

Faria Teresa: A criterion for the global attractivity of scalar population models with delay. (2004)

Fečkan Michal: Forced oscillation of beams on elastic bearings. (2004)

Furumochi Tetsuo: Asymptotic behavior of solutions of some functional differential equations by Schauder's theorem. (2004)

Graef John R. and Qian Chuanxi and Yang Bo: Multiple positive solutions of a boundary value problem for ordinary differential equations. (2004)

Graef John R. and Savithri R. and Thandapani Ethiraju: Oscillation of first order neutral delay differential equations. (2004)

Győri István and Hartung Ferenc: Stability results for cellular neural networks with delays. (2004)

Halmschlager Andrea and Szenthe László and Tóth János: Invariants of kinetic differential equations. (2004)

Horváth Bokor Rózsa: On stability for numerical approximations of stochastic ordinary differential equations. (2004)

Lomtatidze Alexander and Opluštil Zdeněk: On nonnegative solutions of a certain boundary value problem for first order linear functional differential equations. (2004)

Popescu Dan and Răsvan Vladimir and Ștefan Radu: Applications of stability criteria to time delay systems. (2004)

Péics Hajnalka: Exponential estimates of solutions of difference equations with continous time. (2004)

Rachůnková Irena and Tvrdý Milan: Construction of non-constant lower and upper functions for impulsive periodic problems. (2004)

Rontó Miklós and Shchobak Natalya: On parametrized problems with non-linear boundary conditions. (2004)

Rózsa Zoltán and Tóth János: Exact linear lumping in abstract spaces. (2004)

Simon László: On contact problems for nonlinear parabolic functional differential equations. (2004)

Čermák Jan: The Schröder equation and asymptotic properties of linear delay differential equations. (2004)

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