Electronic journal of qualitative theory of differential equations : proceedings of the colloquium on the qualitative theory of differential equations

Number of items: 20.

Appleby John A. D.: Convergence rates of the solution of a Volterra-type stochastic differential equations to a non-equilibrium limit. (2008)

Bartha Mária and Terjéki József: Uniqueness for retarded delay differential equations without Lipschitz condition. (2008)

Besenyei Ádám: On a nonlinear system containing nonlocal terms related to a fluid flow model. (2008)

Bognár Gabriella: Local analytic solutions to some nonhomogeneous problems with p-Laplacian. (2008)

Došlá Zuzana and Došlý Ondřej: Principal solution of half-linear differential equation : limit and integral characterization. (2008)

Dénes Attila: Neimark-sacker bifurcation in a discrete dynamical model of population genetics. (2008)

Faragó István and Horváth Róbert: Qualitative properties of monotone linear parabolic operators. (2008)

Graef John R. and Yang Bo: Existence and nonexistence of positive solutions of a nonlinear third order boundary value problem. (2008)

Gritsans Armand and Sadyrbaev Felix: Two-parametric nonlinear eigenvalue problems. (2008)

Hadeler K. P.: Neutral delay equations from and for population dynamics. (2008)

Lacková Dáša: Oscillation criteria for second order nonlinear retarded differential equations. (2008)

Medved' Milan: On the global existence of mild solutions of nonlinear delay systems associated with continuous and analytic semigroups. (2008)

Pascoletti Anna and Pireddu Marina and Zanolin Fabio: Multiple periodic solutions and complex dynamics for second order ODEs via linked twist maps. (2008)

Pátíková Zuzana: Asymptotic formulas for solutions of half-linear Euler-Weber equation. (2008)

Rezounenko Alexander: Stability of positive solutions of local partial differential equations with a nonlinear integral delay term. (2008)

Rontó Miklós and Shchobak Natalya: On parametrization for a non-linear boundary value problem with separated conditions. (2008)

Răsvan Vladimir: About stability on bounded domains of the state space. (2008)

Sergejeva Natalija: On nonlinear spectra for some nonlocal boundary value problems. (2008)

Simon László: On qualitative properties of a system containing a singular parabolic functional equation. (2008)

Čermák Jan: On the differential and difference equation with a power delayed argument. (2008)

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