Electronic journal of qualitative theory of differential equations : proceedings of the colloquium on the qualitative theory of differential equations

Number of items: 18.

Appleby John A. D. and Cheng Jian: On the asymptotic stability of a class of perturbed ordinary differential equations with weak asymptotic mean reversion. (2012)

Bognár Gabriella: On similarity solutions for non-Newtonian boundary layer flows. (2012)

Domoshnitsky Alexander and Maghakyan Abraham and Yanetz Shlomo: About nondecreasing solutions for first order neutral functional differential equations. (2012)

Došlá Zuzana and Krejčová Jana: Nonoscillatory solutions of the four-dimensional difference system. (2012)

Došlý Ondřej and Řezníčková Jana: Conjugacy and principal solution of generalized half-linear second order differential equations. (2012)

Faragó István and Mincsovics Miklós Emil and Fekete Imre: Notes on the basic notions in nonlinear numerical analysis. (2012)

Gamliel Dan: Using the Lambert function in an exchange process with a time delay. (2012)

Kennedy Benjamin B.: Stability and instability for periodic solutions of delay equations with "steplike" feedback. (2012)

Ladics Tamás: Application of operator splitting to solve reaction-diffusion equations. (2012)

Medved' Milan: On the asymptotic behavior of solutions of nonlinear differential equations of integer and also of non-integer order. (2012)

Rontó András and Rontó Miklós and Shchobak Natalya: On finding solution of two-point boundary value problems for a class of non-linear functional differential equations. (2012)

Răsvan Vladimir: Slope restrictions and monotonicity in nonlinear systems: almost linear behavior. (2012)

Simon László: Nonlinear second order evolution equations with state-dependent delays. (2012)

Terjéki József and Bartha Mária: On the convergence of solutions of nonautonomous functional differential equations. (2012)

Ungureanu Viorica Mariela and Dragan Vasile: Nonlinear differential equations of Riccati type on ordered Banach spaces. (2012)

Veselý Michal and Hasil Petr: Criticality of one term 2n-order self-adjoint differential equations. (2012)

Řehák Pavel: A note on asymptotics and nonoscillation of linear q-difference equations. (2012)

Šimon Hilscher Roman and Zemánek Petr: New results for time reversed symplectic dynamic systems and quadratic functionals. (2012)

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