Electronic journal of qualitative theory of differential equations : proceedings of the colloquium on the qualitative theory of differential equations

Number of items: 23.

Akhmet Marat and Kashkynbayev Ardak: Finite-time nonautonomous bifurcation in impulsive systems. (2016)

Appleby John A. D. and Buckwar Evelyn: Sufficient conditions for polynomial asymptotic behaviour of the stochastic pantograph equation. (2016)

Appleby John A. D. and Patterson Denis D.: Classification of convergence rates of solutions of perturbed ordinary differential equations with regularly varying nonlinearity. (2016)

Atslega Svetlana and Sadyrbaev Felix: Solutions of two-point boundary value problems via phase-plane analysis. (2016)

Aydin Tiryaki and Sinem Sahiner and Emine Misirli: Sturm comparison theorems for some elliptic type equations via Picone-type inequalities. (2016)

Berezansky Leonid and Diblík Josef and Zdenek Svoboda and Zdenek Smarda: New exponential stability conditions for linear delayed systems of differential equations. (2016)

Bognár Gabriella: On similarity solutions of MHD flow over a nonlinear stretching surface in non-Newtonian power-law fluid. (2016)

Bonotto Everaldo Mello and Bortolan Matheus Cheque and Caraballo Tomas and Collegari Rodolfo: A survey on impulsive dynamical systems. (2016)

Cernea Aurelian: On the existence of solutions for a nonconvex hyperbolic differential inclusion of third order. (2016)

Domoshnitsky Alexander and Landsman Guy and Yanetz Shlomo: About sign-constancy of Green’s function of a two-point problem for impulsive second order delay equations. (2016)

Došlý Ondřej: Half-linear Euler differential equation and its perturbations. (2016)

Eremin Alexey S.: Functional continuous Runge–Kutta–Nyström methods. (2016)

Faragó István and Horváth Róbert: Qualitatively adequate numerical modelling of spatial SIRS-type disease propagation. (2016)

Grace Said R. and Graef John R. and Tunç Ercan: Oscillatory behavior of a third-order neutral dynamic equation with distributed delays. (2016)

Lirui Feng and Xue Zhang and Jianhong Wu and Messoud Efendiev: Necessary conditions for a reaction–diffusion system with delay to preserve positivity. (2016)

Mincsovics Miklós Emil: Stability of one-step and linear multistep methods - a matrix technique approach. (2016)

Nussbaum Roger and Vas Gabriella: Gevrey class regularity for analytic differential-delay equations. (2016)

Péics Hajnalka and Roznjik Andrea and Pinter Krekic Valeria and Takács Márta: A system of delay difference equations with continuous time with lag function between two known functions. (2016)

Pötzsche Christian and Russ Evamaria: Notes on spectrum and exponential decay in nonautonomous evolutionary equations. (2016)

Răsvan Vladimir: On functional differential equations associated to controlled structures with propagation. (2016)

Sergejeva Natalija: On the Fucík type problem with integral nonlocal boundary conditions. (2016)

Simon László: On some properties of a system of nonlinear partial functional differential equations. (2016)

Yoshiaki Muroya and Toshikazu Kuniya and Yoichi Enatsu: Global analysis of a multi-group SIR epidemic model with nonlinear incidence rates and distributed moving delays between patches. (2016)

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