Electronic journal of qualitative theory of differential equations : special edition

Number of items: 21.

Bognár Gabriella and Hriczó Krisztián: Similarity transformation approach for a heated ferrofluid flow in the presence of magnetic field. (2018)

Buedo-Fernández Sebastián and Liz Eduardo: On the stability properties of a delay differential neoclassical model of economic growth. (2018)

Burton Theodore A. and Purnaras Ioannis K.: Positive kernels, fixed points, and integral equations. (2018)

Csizmadia László: On stabilizability of the upper equilibrium of the asymmetrically excited inverted pendulum. (2018)

Diblík Josef: Long-time behaviour of solutions of delayed-type linear differential equations. (2018)

Dénes Attila and Székely László: Small solutions of the damped half-linear oscillator with step function coefficients. (2018)

Faragó István and Svantnerné Sebestyén Gabriella: Operator splitting methods for the Lotka-Volterra equations. (2018)

Faria Teresa: Permanence for a class of non-autonomous delay differential systems. (2018)

Fragnelli Genni and Mugnai Dimitri: Controllability of strongly degenerate parabolic problems with strongly singular potentials. (2018)

Garab Ábel: A note on dissipativity and permanence of delay difference equations. (2018)

Garay Barnabás M. and Várdai Judit: Moving average network examples for asymptotically stable periodic orbits of monotone maps. (2018)

Győri István and Hartung Ferenc and Mohamady Nahed A.: Permanence in a class of delay differential equations with mixed monotonicity. (2018)

Győri István and Horváth László: Sharp estimation for the solutions of inhomogeneous delay differential and Halanay-type inequalities. (2018)

Hayashi Makoto and Villari Gabriele and Zanolin Fabio: On the uniqueness of limit cycle for certain Liénard systems without symmetry. (2018)

Mawhin Jean and Przeradzki Bogdan and Szymańska-Dębowska Katarzyna: Second order systems with nonlinear nonlocal boundary conditions. (2018)

Pituk Mihály: A Perron type theorem for positive solutions of functional differential equations. (2018)

Pucci Patrizia and Rădulescu Vicenţiu D.: The maximum principle with lack of monotonicity. (2018)

Rontó András and Rontó Miklós and Shchobak Natalya: Parametrisation for boundary value problems with transcendental non linearities using polynomial interpolation. (2018)

Simon László: Multiple solutions of nonlinear elliptic functional differential equations. (2018)

Webb Jeffrey R. L.: Extensions of Gronwall’s inequality with quadratic growth terms and applications. (2018)

Zhang Li and Stépán Gábor: Hopf bifurcation analysis of scalar implicit neutral delay differential equation. (2018)

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