Electronic journal of qualitative theory of differential equations : special edition

Number of items: 27.

Agarwal Ravi P. and Hristova Snezhana and O’Regan Donal: Existence and Ulam type stability for nonlinear Riemann-Liouville fractional differential equations with constant delay. (2020)

Andres Jan: Topological entropy for impulsive differential equations. (2020)

Appell Jürgen and Bugajewska Daria and Reinwand Simon: Nonlocal boundary value problems with BV-type data. (2020)

Bonanno Gabriele and Livrea Roberto: A sequence of positive solutions for sixth-order ordinary nonlinear differential problems. (2020)

Cabada Alberto and Jebari Rochdi: Existence results for a clamped beam equation with integral boundary conditions. (2020)

Chhetri Maya and Drábek Pavel and Shivaji Ratnasingham: Influence of singular weights on the asymptotic behavior of positive solutions for classes of quasilinear equations. (2020)

Cialdea Alberto and Leonessa Vita and Malaspina Angelica: On the double layer potential ansatz for the n-dimensional Helmholtz equation with Neumann condition. (2020)

Crooks Elaine C. M. and Grinfeld Michael: Minimal travelling wave speed and explicit solutions in monostable reaction-diffusion equations. (2020)

Das Ujjal and Muthunayake Amila and Shivaji Ratnasingham: Existence results for a class of p-q Laplacian semipositone boundary value problems. (2020)

Došlá Zuzana and Matucci Serena and Řehák Pavel: Decaying positive global solutions of second order difference equations with mean curvature operator. (2020)

Eloe Paul W. and Henderson Johnny and Neugebauer Jeffrey T.: Three point boundary value problems for ordinary differential equations, uniqueness implies existence. (2020)

Franco Daniel and Guiver Chris and Logemann Hartmut and Perán Juan: On the global attractor of delay differential equations with unimodal feedback not satisfying the negative Schwarzian derivative condition. (2020)

Hatvani László: Existence of periodic solutions of pendulum-like ordinary and functional differential equations. (2020)

Infante Gennaro: Preface. (2020)

Jebelean Petru and Şerban Călin: Fisher-Kolmogorov type perturbations of the mean curvature operator in Minkowski space. (2020)

Kosmatov Nickolai: A coincidence problem for a second-order semi-linear differential equation. (2020)

Krisztin Tibor: Periodic solutions with long period for the Mackey-Glass equation. (2020)

Lan Kunquan: Compactness of Riemann-Liouville fractional integral operators. (2020)

Ma Ruyun and Yan Dongliang and Wei Liping: Multiplicity of nodal solutions for fourth order equation with clamped beam boundary conditions. (2020)

Malti Ahmed Ilyes N. and Benchohra Mouffak and Graef John R. and Lazreg Jamal Eddine: Impulsive boundary value problems for nonlinear implicit Caputo-exponential type fractional differential equations. (2020)

Minhós Feliz Manuel and Carapinha Rui: Semi-linear impulsive higher order boundary value problems. (2020)

Minhós Feliz Manuel and Tvrdý Milan and Zima Mirosława: On the solvability of some discontinuous functional impulsive problems. (2020)

Precup Radu: Implicit elliptic equations via Krasnoselskii-Schaefer type theorems. (2020)

Rouhani Behzad Djafari and Goldstein Gisèle Ruiz and Goldstein Jerome A.: Ergodic limits for inhomogeneous evolution equations. (2020)

Stević Stevo: New class of practically solvable systems of difference equations of hyperbolic-cotangent-type. (2020)

Stuart Charles A.: Qualitative properties and global bifurcation of solutions for a singular boundary value problem. (2020)

Zhang Yanlei and Abdella Kenzu and Feng Wenying: Positive solutions for second-order differential equations with singularities and separated integral boundary conditions. (2020)

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