“Voces y espejos” de Espido Freire. Hacia una estética de la perversión en el relato especular

Rodriguez, Samuel Rodriguez; Freire, Espido: “Voces y espejos” de Espido Freire. Hacia una estética de la perversión en el relato especular. Acta hispanica, (19). pp. 51-61. (2014)

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Espido Freire (Bilbao, 1974) is one of the most interesting authors of contemporary Spanish literature. She has admitted on numerous occasions her preference for tales. “Voces y espejos” belonging to the storybook Juegos míos (2004), is offered as a paradigm of the obsessions that populate her work: the voices and mirrors as inducers of evil. The mise en abyme while splitting the narrator – widely studied by Lucien Dällenbach – permits the author to develop an alter ego what was so beloved by Borges and Cortázar. And here it aims at a hidden voice in us, which is subtle, barely perceptible, but always evil, which is intended to be reflected by the mirror dangerously. This story also presents the particularity of applying a double mise en abyme for its metaliterary character, what refers to the proper conception and reception of the story in a macabre triangle between the author, text and reader.

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