A deviancia méltósága

Gyenge Zoltán: A deviancia méltósága. In: Deviancia : konferenciakötet, (6). pp. 171-179. (2011)

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'Deviatio' means 'to go off the road', as in 'de-via'. But what kind of road is it, and where is this "off'? Or shall we pursue this more and ask who is to determine the right and the wrong directions? Going even further: who is to pin down the time, the exact moment in which the leaving of the road or the straying happens? These questions could go on almost infinitely. This wouldn't be arbitrary, as philosophy - whether we think of Socrates or Heidegger- is the science of asking and not the replying of questions. Ali the while we can securely say that there is a connection between 'deviance' and 'madness', and by analysing these concepts I've come to the conclusion that there are two kinds of deviance indeed: productive and destructive. There can be creative, creating madness, and then there can be one that does not produce anything, it only devastate, mostly the man himself. The first one alsó has somé destructive quality, but it calls something else to life instead. The madness that creates, establish is different from the one that barely vegetates in complete ignorance of the world, bereft of all intellectual light. The great deviants were alsó highly deranged, more accurately; they were deviants due to their madness. The lecture presents the analysis of this approach, mainly relying on the difference between 'Blödsinn' and 'Wahnsinn', based on a work of F. W. J. von Schelling. With regards to this, the two forms of deviance can clearly be distinguished, in my opinion.

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Other title: The poise of deviance
Journal or Publication Title: Deviancia : konferenciakötet
Date: 2011
Volume: 6
ISBN: 978-963-08-2564-1
Page Range: pp. 171-179
Series Name: Szakkollégiumi füzetek
Language: Hungarian, English
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