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Adar, Ron and Epstein, Leah: The metric dimension of two-dimensional extended meshes. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 761-772. (2018)

Berend, Gábor: Regularization of word embeddings for multi-word expression identification. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 801-814. (2018)

Bujtás, Csilla and Tuza, Zsolt: Partition-crossing hypergraphs. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 815-828. (2018)

Békési, József: Regional multicriteria and multimodal route planning system for public transportation : a case study. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 773-782. (2018)

Békési, József and Dávid, Balázs and Krész, Miklós: Integrated vehicle scheduling and vehicle assignment. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 783-800. (2018)

Csirik, János: In memoriam Csanád Imreh : 1975-2017. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 756-760. (2018)

Demetrovics, János and Quang, Hoang Minh and Thi, Vu Duc and Anh, Nguyen Viet: An efficient method to reduce the size of consistent decision tables. Acta cybernetica, (23) 4. pp. 1039-1054. (2018)

Dombi, József and Jónás, Tamás: Approximations to the normal probability distribution function using operators of continuous-valued logic. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 829-852. (2018)

Dósa, György and Epstein, Leah: The convergence time for selfish bin packing. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 853-866. (2018)

Fülöp, Zoltán and Gazdag, Zsolt: Weighted languages recognizable by weighted tree automata. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 867-886. (2018)

Gelle, Kitti and Iván, Szabolcs: DFS is unsparsable and lookahead can help in maximal matching. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 887-902. (2018)

Gergely, Tamás and Balogh, Gergő and Horváth, Ferenc and Vancsics, Béla and Beszédes, Árpád and Gyimóthy, Tibor: Analysis of static and dynamic test-to-code traceability information. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 903-920. (2018)

London, András and Pluhár, András: Spanning tree game as prim would have played. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 921-928. (2018)

Mahalingam, Kalpana and Paul, Prithwineel and Mäkinen, Erkki: On derivation languages of a class of splicing systems. Acta cybernetica, (23) 4. pp. 981-993. (2018)

Nagy, Gábor: Sector based linear regression, a new robust method for the multiple linear regression. Acta cybernetica, (23) 4. pp. 1017-1038. (2018)

Nagy-György, Judit: On the advice complexity of coloring bipartite graphs and two-colorable hypergraphs. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 929-938. (2018)

Palágyi, Kálmán: How sufficient conditions are related for topology-preserving reductions. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 939-958. (2018)

Rill, Róbert Adrian and Faragó, Kinga Bettina: Gaze-based cursor control impairs performance in divided attention. Acta cybernetica, (23) 4. pp. 1071-1087. (2018)

Shynkarenko, Viktor and Kuropiatnyk, Olena: Constructive model of the natural language. Acta cybernetica, (23) 4. pp. 995-1015. (2018)

Tóth, Ákos and Kunkli, Roland: An approximative and semi-automated method to create MPEG-4 compliant human face models. Acta cybernetica, (23) 4. pp. 1055-1069. (2018)

Waldhauser, Tamás: On eigenvectors of the Pascal and Reed-Muller-Fourier transforms. Acta cybernetica, (23) 3. pp. 959-979. (2018)

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