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Curriculum vitae of Zoltán Ésik. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 403-410. (2017)

Publication list of Zoltán Ésik. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 411-435. (2017)

Aceto, Luca and Escrig, David de Frutos and Ingólfsdóttir, Anna: Trace simulation semantics is not finitely based over BCCSP. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 81-90. (2017)

Almeida, Jorge and Ésik, Zoltán and Pin, Jean-Éric: Commutative positive varieties of languages. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 91-111. (2017)

Babau, Cristian and Marcu, Marius and Tihu, Mircea and Telbis, Daniel and Cretu, Vladimir: A personalized multi-path and multi-user traffic analysis and visualization tool. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 441-470. (2017)

Bagóczki, Zsolt and Bánhelyi, Balázs: A parallel interval arithmetic-based reliable computing method on a GPU. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 491-501. (2017)

Bartha, Miklós: On the completeness of the traced monoidal category axioms in (Rel,+). Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 327-347. (2017)

Bozapalidis, Symeon and Kalampakas, Antonios: Varieties of graphoids and Birkoff’s theorem for graphs. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 113-139. (2017)

Brzozowski, Janusz and Sinnamon, Corwin: Complexity of right-ideal, prefix-closed, and prefix-free regular languages. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 9-41. (2017)

Bán, Dénes: The connection between antipatterns and maintainability in Firefox. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 471-490. (2017)

Charalambidis, Angelos and Rondogiannis, Panos: Overview of an abstract fixed point theory for non-monotonic functions and its applications to logic programming. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 319-326. (2017)

Droste, Manfred and Kuich, Werner: A Kleene theorem for weighted ω-pushdown automata. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 43-59. (2017)

Dömösi, Pál and Gáll, József and Horváth, Géza and Tihanyi, Norbert: Statistical analysis of DH1 cryptosystem. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 371-378. (2017)

Ferenc, Rudolf: Preface. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. p. 439. (2017)

Friedl, Katalin and Kabódi, László: Storing the quantum Fourier operator in the QuIDD data structure. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 503-512. (2017)

Fülöp, Zoltán: In Memoriam Zoltán Ésik. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 3-7. (2017)

Fülöp, Zoltán: Preface. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. p. 1. (2017)

Fülöp, Zoltán and Vágvölgyi, Sándor: Minimization of deterministic top-down tree automata. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 379-401. (2017)

Garai, Ábel and Péntek, István and Adamkó, Attila and Németh, Ágnes: A clinical system integration methodology for bio-sensory technology with Cloud architecture. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 513-536. (2017)

Gelle, Kitti and Iván, Szabolcs: Regular expressions for muller context-free languages. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 349-369. (2017)

Gyimesi, Péter: Automatic calculation of process metrics and their bug prediction capabilities. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 537-559. (2017)

Győrffy, Lajos and London, András and Makay, Géza: The structure of pairing strategies for k-in-a-row type games. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 561-572. (2017)

Han, Yo-Sub and Salomaa, Arto and Salomaa, Kai: Ambiguity, nondeterminism and state complexity of finite automata. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 141-157. (2017)

Kalmár, György and Büki, Alexandra and Kékesi, Gabriella and Horváth, Gyöngyi and Nyúl, László G.: Image processing-based automatic pupillometry on infrared videos. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 599-613. (2017)

Karhumäki, Juhani and Saarela, Aleksi and Zamboni, Luca Q.: Variations of the Morse-Hedlund theorem for k-abelian equivalence. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 175-189. (2017)

Katona, Melinda and Nyúl, László G.: An approach to the quantitative assessment of retinal layer distortions and subretinal fluid in SD-OCT images. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 615-628. (2017)

Koos, Krisztián and Peksel, Begüm and Kelemen, Lóránd: Phase measurement using DIC microscopy. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 629-643. (2017)

Kádár, István: The optimization of a symbolic execution engine for detecting runtime errors. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 573-597. (2017)

Labella, Anna and Nicola, Rocco de: Initial algebra for a system of right-linear functors. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 191-201. (2017)

Maletti, Andreas: Synchronous forest substitution grammars. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 269-281. (2017)

Márton, Gábor and Porkoláb, Zoltán: Unit testing in C++ with compiler instrumentation and friends. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 659-686. (2017)

Papp, Dávid and Szűcs, Gábor: Balanced active learning method for image classification. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 645-658. (2017)

Pittou, Maria and Rahonis, George: Weighted recognizability over infinite alphabets. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 283-317. (2017)

Semeráth, Oszkár and Varró, Dániel: Evaluating well-formedness constraints on incomplete models. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 687-713. (2017)

Steinby, Magnus: On DR tree automata, unary algebras and syntactic path monoids. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 159-174. (2017)

Szőke, Gábor: Automating the refactoring process. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 715-735. (2017)

Tömösközi, Máté and Seeling, Patrick and Ekler, Péter and Fitzek, Frank H. P.: Prediction of RoHCv1 and RoHCv2 compressor utilities for VoIP. Acta cybernetica, (23) 2. pp. 737-756. (2017)

Ésik, Zoltán and Fahrenberg, Uli and Legay, Axel and Quaas, Karin: An algebraic approach to energy problems I - continuous Kleene ω-algebras ‡. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 203-228. (2017)

Ésik, Zoltán and Fahrenberg, Uli and Legay, Axel and Quaas, Karin: An algebraic approach to energy problems II - the algebra of energy functions. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. pp. 229-268. (2017)

Ésik, Zoltán and Kuich, Werner: Continuous semiring-semimodule pairs and mixed algebraic systems. Acta cybernetica, (23) 1. 061-079. (2017)

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