Electronic journal of qualitative theory of differential equations : special edition

Number of items: 27.

Appleby John A. D. and Patterson Denis D.: On the admissibility of unboundedness properties of forced deterministic and stochastic sublinear Volterra summation equations. (2016)

Becker Leigh C.: Properties of the resolvent of a linear Abel integral equation : implications for a complementary fractional equation. (2016)

Bognár Gabriella: Numerical method for the boundary layer problems of non-Newtonian fluid flows along moving surfaces. (2016)

Breda Dimitri and Diekmann Odo and Liessi Davide and Scarabel Francesca: Numerical bifurcation analysis of a class of nonlinear renewal equations. (2016)

Burton Theodore Allen: Integral equations, transformations, and a Krasnoselskii-Schaefer type fixed point theorem. (2016)

Diblík Josef: Criteria for the existence of positive solutions to delayed functional differential equations. (2016)

Došlá Zuzana and Liška Petr: Asymptotic behaviour of neutral differential equations of third-order with negative term. (2016)

Dénes Attila and Hatvani László: On the asymptotic behaviour of solutions of an asymptotically Lotka-Volterra model. (2016)

Eduardo Liz: On the global stability of periodic Ricker maps. (2016)

Faria Teresa and Oliveira José J.: A note on stability of impulsive scalar delay differential equations. (2016)

Fu Yongqiang and Pucci Patrizia: On solutions of space-fractional diffusion equations by means of potential wells. (2016)

Grace Said R. and Graef John R. and Tunç Ercan: Asymptotic behavior of solutions of forced fractional differential equations. (2016)

Győri István and Pituk Mihály: Asymptotic formulas for a scalar linear delay differential equation. (2016)

Hartung Ferenc: Differentiability of solutions with respect to the delay function in functional differential equations. (2016)

Knipl Diána: Stability criteria for a multi-city epidemic model with travel delays and infection during travel. (2016)

Kunszenti-Kovács Dávid and Simon Péter L.: Mean-field approximation of counting processes from a differential equation perspective. (2016)

Molnár Tamás G. and Insperger Tamás and Stépán Gábor: Analytical estimations of limit cycle amplitude for delay-differential equations. (2016)

Nakata Yukihiko: Note on stability conditions for structured population dynamics models. (2016)

Rezounenko Alexander: Continuous solutions to a viral infection model with general incidence rate, discrete state-dependent delay, CTL and antibody immune responses. (2016)

Rontó András and Rontó Miklós and Varha Jana: On non-linear boundary value problems and parametrisation at multiple nodes. (2016)

Röst Gergely: Preface. (2016)

Stumpf Eugen: On differential equations with state-dependent delay : the principles of linearized stability and instability revisited. (2016)

Sun Xiaodan and Huo Xi and Xiao Yanni and Wu Jianhong: Large amplitude and multiple stable periodic oscillations in treatment-donation-stockpile dynamics. (2016)

Szczelina Robert: A computer assisted proof of multiple periodic orbits in some first order non-linear delay differential equation. (2016)

Takács Bálint and Horváth Róbert and Faragó István: The effect of tree-diffusion in a mathematical model of Easter Island’s population. (2016)

Walther Hans-Otto: Local invariant manifolds for delay differential equations with state space in C1((−∞, 0], R n). (2016)

Webb Jeffrey R. L.: Positive solutions of nonlinear differential equations with Riemann-Stieltjes boundary conditions. (2016)

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