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Aktaş, Mustafa F.: Periodic solutions of relativistic Liénard-type equations. (2020)

Albuquerque, Francisco S. B. and Chen, Shang-Jie and Li, Lin: Solitary wave of ground state type for a nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation coupled with Born-Infeld theory in R. (2020)

Artemovych, Orest D. and Bovdi, Victor A. and Salim, Mohamed A.: Derivations of group rings. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 51-72. (2020)


Bacsó, Gábor and Tuza, Zsolt: The equal-sum-free subset problem. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 73-79. (2020)

Baker, Kirby A. and Grätzer, George A.: Zilber’s Theorem for planar lattices, revisited. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 81-104. (2020)

Balogh, József and Morris, Robert and Samotij, Wojciech: Independent sets in hypergraphs.

Benyoucef, Salah: Polynomial differential systems with hyperbolic algebraic limit cycles. (2020)

Bhat, M. Younus: Nonstationary multiresolution analysis on local fields of prime characteristic. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 303-320. (2020)

Boykett, Tim: Distribution and generalized centre in planar nearrings. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 11-29. (2020)


Carletti, Timoteo and Villari, Gabriele: Existence of limit cycles for some generalisation of the Liénard equations : the relativistic and the prescribed curvature cases. (2020)

Carvalho, Tiago and Euzébio, Rodrigo Donizete: Minimal sets and chaos in planar piecewise smooth vector fields. (2020)

Chong, Dashuang and Zhang, Xian and Huang, Chen: Multiple small solutions for Schrödinger equations involving the p-Laplacian and positive quasilinear term. (2020)

Csajbók, Bence: Inverse-closed linear subspaces and related problems.

Czédli, Gábor: Planar semilattices and nearlattices with eighty-three subnearlattices. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 117-165. (2020)


Dragičević, Davor and Jurčević Peček, Nevena and Lupa, Nicolae: Admissibility and general dichotomies for evolution families. (2020)

Dukarić, Maša: On integrability and cyclicity of cubic systems. (2020)

Dřímalová, Iva and Hilscher, Roman Šimon: Antiprincipal solutions at infinity for symplectic systems on time scales. (2020)

Džurina, Jozef and Jadlovská, Irena: A sharp oscillation result for second-order half-linear non canonical delay differential equations. (2020)


Fattorusso, Luisa and Softova, Lubomira G.: Precise Morrey regularity of the weak solutions to a kind of quasilinear systems with discontinuous data. (2020)

Ferreira, Chelo and López, José L. and Pérez Sinusía, Ester: Analysis of singular one-dimensional linear boundary value problems using two-point Taylor expansions. (2020)

Ferreira, Luís and Sanchez, Luís: On a class of difference equations involving a linear map with two dimensional kernel. (2020)

Fonseka, Nalin and Machado, Jonathan and Shivaji, Ratnasingham: A study of logistic growth models influenced by the exterior matrix hostility and grazing in an interior patch. (2020)


Getsadze, Rostom: On the divergence of double Fourier-Walsh-Paley series of continuous functions. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 287-302. (2020)

Giné, Jaume and Llibre, Jaume: Strongly formal Weierstrass non-integrability for polynomial differential systems in C2. (2020)

Giulietti, Massimo and Bartoli, Daniele: Small complete caps and saturating sets in Galois spaces I-II.

Grecu, Andrei: Fractional eigenvalue problems on RN. (2020)

Gyenizse, Gergő: Quasiorder lattices in congruence modular varieties. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 3-10. (2020)


Herrmann, Christian and Niemann, Niklas: Representations of ∗-regular rings and their ortholattices of projections. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 105-115. (2020)

Hosokawa, Takuya: Weighted composition operators acting from the Lipschitz space to the space of bounded functions on a tree. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 209-224. (2020)

Huang, Bo: On the limit cycles for a class of discontinuous piecewise cubic polynomial differential systems. (2020)

Héger, Tamás and Takáts, Marcella: Semi-resolving sets for PG(2, q).


Ishikawa, Satoshi: The range of the Radon transform on the real hyperbolic Grassmann manifold. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 225-264. (2020)


Jaroš, Jaroslav: Reduction of order in the oscillation theory of half-linear differential equations. (2020)

Jekl, Jan: Linear even order homogeneous difference equation with delay in coefficient. (2020)

Jesus, Lopo F. de and Silva, César M. and Vilarinho, Helder: Periodic orbits for periodic eco-epidemiological systems with infected prey. (2020)

Jimenez, Jeidy J. and Llibre, Jaume and Medrado, João C.: Crossing limit cycles for piecewise linear differential centers separated by a reducible cubic curve. (2020)

Ju, Xuewei and Qi, Ailing: An invariant set bifurcation theory for nonautonomous nonlinear evolution equations. (2020)


Kar, S. and Veeramani, P.: Best proximity version of Krasnoselskii’s fixed point theorem. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 265-271. (2020)

Kirane, Mokhtar and Badraoui, Salah and Guedda, Mohammed: Uniform boundedness and extinction results of solutions to a predator-prey system. (2020)

Kiss, György: Semiovals and semiarcs.

Kodaka, Kazunori: The Picard groups for unital inclusions of unital C∗-algebras. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 183-207. (2020)

Kong, Lingju and Wang, Min: Multiple and particular solutions of a second order discrete boundary value problem with mixed periodic boundary conditions. (2020)

Korchmáros, Gábor: Intersection of an oval and a unital in a finite desarguesian plane.

Kozma, József: Regular polygons : the transformation approach.


Labovskiy, Sergey M.: On discreteness of spectrum of a second order differential operator. (2020)

Lasser, Rupert and Obermaier, Josef: Weighted shift operators, orthogonal polynomials and chain sequences. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 331-342. (2020)

Lehtonen, Erkko and Pöschel, Reinhard: Graph quasivarieties. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 31-50. (2020)

Leite, Edir Junior F.: On the principal eigenvalues of the degenerate elliptic systems. (2020)

Li, Anran and Wang, Peiting and Wei, Chongqing: Ground state solutions for nonlinearly coupled systems of Choquard type with lower critical exponent. (2020)

Li, Gui-Dong and Li, Yong-Yong and Tang, Chun-Lei: A positive solution of asymptotically periodic Schrödinger equations with local superlinear nonlinearities. (2020)

Lima Alves, Ricardo and Reis, Mariana: About existence and regularity of positive solutions for a quasilinear Schrödinger equation with singular nonlinearity. (2020)

Liu, Fang and Luo, Hua and Dai, Guowei: Global bifurcation and nodal solutions for homogeneous Kirchhoff type equations. (2020)

Liu, Zhenhai and Livrea, Roberto and Motreanu, Dumitru and Zeng, Shengda: Variational differential inclusions without ellipticity condition. (2020)


Mahmudov, Nazim I.: Delayed linear difference equations : the method of Z-transform. (2020)

Mallea-Zepeda, Exequiel and Medina, Luis: Optimal control problem for 3D micropolar fluid equations. (2020)

Mallick, N. and Sumesh, K.: On a generalization of Ando’s dilation theorem. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 273-286. (2020)

Martini, Horst and Mustafaev, Zokhrab: New inequalities for Holmes-Thompson and Busemann measures. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 321-330. (2020)

Mazzocca, Francesco and Blokhuis, A. and Marino, G.: Generalized hyperfocused arcs in P G(2, p).

Meng, Jue and Lin, Zhigui and Pedersen, Michael: A model for spatial spreading and dynamics of fox rabies on a growing domain. (2020)

Mészáros, Károly Marcell and Pozsa, Ákos and Illés, Tamás and Tollár, Sándor and Tolvaj, Béla and Bencs, Péter: Stirling motor modellezése. In: Jelenkori társadalmi és gazdasági folyamatok, (14) 1. pp. 87-98. (2019)


Nagy, Gábor P. and Korchmáros, Gábor and Pace, N.: Projective realization of finite groups.

Napolitano, Vito: k-sets of PG(3, q) with two intersection numbers with respect to planes.

Ncube, Israel: Existence, uniqueness, and global asymptotic stability of an equilibrium in a multiple unbounded distributed delay network. (2020)


Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S. and Scapellato, Andrea: Nonlinear resonant problems with an indefinite potential and concave boundary condition. (2020)

Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S. and Scapellato, Andrea: Positive solutions for (p, 2)-equations with superlinear reaction and a concave boundary term. (2020)

Pavese, Francesco: Hyperovals on Hermitian generalized quadrangles.

Pavlačková, Martina and Taddei, Valentina: On the impulsive Dirichlet problem for second-order differential inclusions. (2020)


Qian, Chuanxi and Smith, Justin: On quasi-periodic solutions of forced higher order nonlinear difference equations. (2020)


Shang, Tingting and Liang, Ruixi: Infinitely many solutions for a quasilinear Schrödinger equation with Hardy potentials. (2020)

Shi, Weiwei and Wang, Changjia: Strong solutions for the steady incompressible MHD equations of non-Newtonian fluids. (2020)

Siciliano, Alessandro: Translation ovoids of finite classical polar spaces.

Simon, László: On qualitative behavior of multiple solutions of quasilinear parabolic functional equations. (2020)

Soares Gamboa, Janette and Zhou, Jiazheng: Antisymmetric solutions for a class of quasilinear defocusing Schrödinger equations. (2020)

Song, Mingliang: Existence of solutions for subquadratic convex or B-concave operator equations and applications to second order Hamiltonian systems. (2020)

Sonnino, Angelo: Hughes planes and their collineation groups.

Stoikidis, Anastasios and Papaschinopoulos, Garyfalos: Study of a cyclic system of difference equations with maximum. (2020)

Su, Xinwei and Zhang, Shuqin: Monotone solutions for singular fractional boundary value problems. (2020)

Sugie, Jitsuro: A remark on Philos-type oscillation criteria for differential equations. (2020)

Szőnyi, Tamás: Lacunary polynomials and finite geometry.


Takáts, Marcella and Héger, Tamás: Resolving sets in finite projective planes.


Uţă, Vasile-Florin: On the existence and multiplicity of eigenvalues for a class of double-phase non-autonomous problems with variable exponent growth. (2020)


Valls, Claudia: Algebraic traveling waves for the modified Korteweg-de Vries-Burgers equation. (2020)

Van Hien, Le and Lan-Huong, Nguyen Thi: Stability of positive equilibrium of a Nicholson blowflies model with stochastic perturbations. (2020)


Wang, Weihua: p-biharmonic equation with Hardy-Sobolev exponent and without the Ambrosetti-Rabinowitz condition. (2020)

Wei, Yunfeng and Chen, Caisheng and Yang, Hongwei and Yu, Hongwang: Existence of weak solutions for quasilinear Schrödinger equations with a parameter. (2020)


Xu, Man and Ma, Ruyun: Existence of infinitely many radial nodal solutions for a Dirichlet problem involving mean curvature operator in Minkowski space. (2020)


Yin, Zhao and Ji, Chao: Existence of solution for two classes of Schrödinger equations in RN with magnetic field and zero mass. (2020)

Yoshimoto, Takeshi: Multiparameter Abelian ergodic theorems of Chacon-Báez-Duarte type. In: Acta scientiarum mathematicarum 86. pp. 167-182. (2020)


Zhang, Jingjun: On a nonlocal nonlinear Schrödinger equation with self-induced parity-time-symmetric potential. (2020)

Zhang, Liang and Chen, Guanwei: Infinitely many homoclinic solutions for perturbed second-order Hamiltonian systems with subquadratic potentials. (2020)

Zhang, Ying and Liang, Zhanping and Zhu, Xiaoli and Li, Fuyi: Ground-state solutions to a class of modified Kirchhoff-type transmissiom problems with critical perturbation. (2020)

Zhong, Xin: Strong solutions to the nonhomogeneous Boussinesq equations for magnetohydrodynamics convection without thermal diffusion. (2020)

Zhou, Qing-Mei and Wang, Ke-Qi: Infinitely many weak solutions for p(x)-Laplacian-like problems with sign-changing potential. (2020)

Zhu, Tao: Fractional integral inequalities and global solutions of fractional differential equations. (2020)

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